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Features of the Thermal Patches Parchi

The Thermal Parchi Patch is prescribed for all kinds of muscular pain, lumbago, rheumatism degenerative osteoarthritis, menstruation pain, cervical, sciatic, etc.

The Thermal Parchi Patch, releases dry heat at a stabilized temperature of 53ºC for 14 hours. It is easy to use, has a small size and comes with two adhesive bands to stick between the underwear and the part of the body where the heat is needed. The patch is vacuum packed in a plastic bag.  When the bag is opened and after a minute of airing, the iron fillings oxidize and trigger an exothermic response to the reaction with the activated carbon, mineral salts and wet sawdust that exist in the patch. In addition, once used and cooled, the remains of the patch serve as an excellent fertilizer for plants.