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 Belgeuse C.S.L. has launched the commercial line Oradent, with a wide range of attractive designs and high quality products for oral hygiene and care, based on toothbrushes, interdental brushes, dental floss, toothpaste and mouthwashes.

The toothbrushes Oradent are developed in collaboration with dentists and made of high quality raw materials. They are designed with the latest technology to obtain the highest level of efficiency in eliminating bacterial plaque. The Oradent toothbrush has an elliptical head with rounded bristles, its neck is articulated to adjust itself to the anatomy of the mouth and it has a bi-material anti-skid handle for advanced brushing control. Oradent toothbrushes have Soft, Medium and extra Soft bristles for delicate gums, Postoperatory states and for Orthodontics.

Oradent toothpaste contains Bi-fluorine, potassium nitrate and allantoin, as main active ingredients to treat hypersensitive and bleeding gums and to prevent cavities. The treatment of hypersensitivity is completed by a specially formulated mouthwash.

To meet the needs of perfect dental hygiene, we provide dental floss and dental fluoride tape, interproximal brushes, brushes for dentures, cleaning tablets and a convenient denture cleaning kit.

Electronic toothbrush IONIC
IONIC is the mane of first electronic toothbrush of ionic action, developed in collaboration with dentists and marketed by Belgeuse C.S.L.

Made with rounded nylon bristles, it features an advanced technology that removes 48% more plaque than the latest high quality toothbrushes, either manual or electric. These results are backed up by clinical research done in US and Japan universities. Their ionic technology eliminates the plaque in a natural and safe way allowing such outstanding results.

The bacterial plaque is difficult to remove because it has a positive polarity (+) while the teeth have a negative polarity (-). For this reason they are strongly attracted to each other. Thanks to a lithium battery located in the handle of the toothbrush, when the brush head is in contact with the teeth, an electronic circuit is activated which inverts the polarity of the teeth from (-) to (+), repelling the plaque towards the head of the brush, which maintains negative polarity (-).

While other manual or electrical toothbrushes sweep the bacterial plaque, the IONIC brush sucks the bacterial plaque in, attracting it toward its bristles. In addition, the iontophoretic action of the IONIC toothbrush improves the efficiency of the fluoride toothpastes, achieving a major remineralization of the dental enamel, reducing the hypersensitivity of the teeth.  Its continued use, also allows obtaining a natural whitening of the dental enamel, since it manages to repel the coffee, wine or tobacco traces.